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March 3, 2018
The Delaware Beekeepers Association annual meeting was held on March 3rd at the St. Jones Reserve on Kitts Hummock Rd in Dover. The new draft for the Constitution, as well as the proposed grant program were both approved by members during the business section. Dick Goerger won the Robert Mitchell Service award. Elections were held. Ray Banks is the new president, Roseann Harkins is the new treasurer. Ray Walker, Mary Randall and Carla Lewis retained their VP seats, as did secretary Rebecca Rendiero.
The honey show had more participants than last year.
The guest speaker was Dr. Nathalie Steinhauer, Ph.D., of UMD, Bee Informed Partnership.


January 20, 2018
Beekeeping 101 and 102 was held at Wesley College on January 20th 2018. A total of 80 new beekeepers and 35 intermediate beekeepers attended. Lectures on Bee biology, colony inspection, making splits were made throughout the day. Instructors included Ray Banks, Roseann Harkins, Kathy Hossler, Carla Lewis, Meghan McConnell, Joseph Nicolai, Ken Outten and Ray Walker. Lunch was provided by Wesley College through the EPSCOR grant.


State Fair: July 2017

Twenty different volunteers manned the Delaware Beekeepers Association booth in the Commodities building between 7/20 and 7/29.

The observation hives were a big hit, as usual. They were supplied by Ken Outten, and a new one was placed every day.


Governor Carney stopped by to visit with the bees and chat with our volunteers Cal Hollis and Sussex VP Carla Lewis.
Local Beekeepers supplied honey, wax, and other products from the hive for the display case. The display case and other items were provided by Ray Banks.

Great displays!!


State Apiarist Meghan McConnell enjoyed her first Delaware Fair more than most...

It wouldn't be a State Fair without entries and ribbons!


March 25, 2017
On March 25th 2017 The Delaware Beekeepers Association held their annual meeting at the St. Jones Reserve in Dover. At the Business portion of the meeting President Hossler, Secretary Rendeiro and Treasurer Bauer were reelected for another term. All of the VPs are new: Ray Walker for NCC, Mary Randall for Kent, and Carla Lewis for Sussex. Also at the business meeting Ray Walker was awarded the Robert Mitchell Service Award. Lunch was a potluck, organized by Carla Lewis and Ray Banks. Sussex county provided main dishes, Kent sides, and NCC deserts. After lunch our guest speaker, Dr. Medhat Nasr, the Provincial Apiculturist of Albert, Canada gave a lecture on controlling Varroa mites and answered members questions for about an hour.

Lunch was a potluck, organized by Carla Lewis and Ray Banks. Sussex county provided main dishes, Kent sides, and NCC deserts. After lunch our guest speaker, Dr. Medhat Nasr, the Provincial Apiculturist of Albert, Canada gave a lecture on controlling Varroa mites and answered members questions for about an hour.


 Once again we had a Honey Show, judged by Cybil Preston and organized by Amy Gilley.
The raffles, silent auction and door prizes were organized by Rebecca Rendeiro. Members donated such items as an entire hive by Paul Yoder, and gift boxes by Joe Nicolai of Big Joe's Honey.
Every member in attendance received a t-shirt designed by Carla Lewis. Extra t-shirts will be sold at cost at the county meetings this month.

March 21, 2017
At the New Castle County meeting outgoing VP Bill Leitzinger was recognized by President Kathy Hossler for serving in the position for 10 years.

Immediately following Dewey Caron spoke to a packed room on "Good News for Honeybees" and provided information on the upcoming EAS meeting this summer

January 2017 Beekeeping 101 & 102

For the first time The Delaware Beekeepers Association held
Beekeeping 102 concurrently with Beekeeping 101.

On January 21st at Wesley College approximately
60 new beekeepers attended Beekeeping 101.

Topics included First Year Beekeeping, the Biology of
Honeybees, Essential Equipment, Colony Inspection and
"Where Do I Get Bees?".

At the same time 30 experienced beekeepers received
lectures on Natural Beekeeping, Making Splits, Honeybee
Behavior, and Making Soap.

Speakers included current DBA officers, former DBA officers and retired State Apiarist Robert Mitchell. Once again, Wesley College provided a great venue, and lunch.

Open Hive Sept. 17, 2016
On September 17th the Delaware Beekeepers Association held an Open Hive Event at the Delaware State University Outreach farm in Smyrna Delaware. Approximately 20 new beekeepers and would be beekeepers were in attendance. Lectures on "Honey Bee Biology" and "First Year Beekeeping" were provided by DBA President Kathy Hossler and NC VP Bill.

Leitzinger before heading out to the hives.

President Hossler was interviewed by WBOC about the event the day before. Interview

State Fair July 2016
Approximately 40 volunteers staffed the DBA booth during the State Fair this year, eager to share their knowledge and love of beekeeping with the public. Displays included equipment, honey and the ever popular observation hive!
Honey sticks were awarded to children once they located the queen bee in the observation hive. Hives were provided daily by former president Ken Outten.
Vice President "Big Joe" Nicolai demonstrated honey extraction during his shift at the fair. Spectators were able to sample honey fresh from the hive.

Beekeeping 201 was held Saturday, June 25th in Felton Delaware. Former President Ken Outten held a class for 15 experienced beekeepers that wanted to learn more advanced techniques. Topics included making splits, queen rearing, and winterizing the hive. If you are interested in taking Beekeeping 201 in the future contact your county VP.


June 14, 2016
Kent County VP "Big Joe" Nicolai demonstrated how the Flow Hive works at the Kent County meeting June 14th. Approximately 30 beekeepers were in attendance.

Robert Mitchell Service Award
At the annual meeting on March 19,2016 newly retired state apiarist Bob Mitchell was given a lifetime membership, and an annual service award has been named in his honor. The Robert Mitchell Lifetime Service Award recognizes DBA members that have provided significant assistance to beekeepers and the community. Our first recipient is long time member Carl Roberts.

Outgoing DBA President
Ken Outten presented
the awards to both gentlemen.